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Welcoming new players as young as age 4, our Mini Stars program focuses on the physical, social and cognitive development of our preschoolers. EAGLE WATCH U-10 Tennis is comprised of Red and Orange levels and trains our U10 players to become well-rounded, competitive athletes. Using appropriate sized courts, rackets, and low-compression balls, our young athletes learn to play the game of tennis quickly. Find out more below.


Help Your Child Score Big with mini stars. Mini stars is a complete preschool tennis program that fosters the healthy mental, physical and emotional growth of children ages 5 and under. While we cannot promise which preschoolers will continue on to become championship tennis players, we are 100% committed to helping our kids develop fundamental tennis skills, a love of the game, physical dexterity and even early literacy and math skills!

U-10 RED BALL (AGES 6-7)

The first stage of eagle watch tennis U10 Pathway is designed for young players just starting to play the game. Using the appropriate-sized Red Court (36’) and ball (low compression red) U10 Red players learn to serve, rally and score on the Red Court over the lower net. Red students focus on tracking the ball, moving into effective hitting positions and directing the ball using basic stroke shapes. Actually playing the game from the start increases our youngest students’ motivation to learn and to commit to acquiring new skills.


Orange players transition to the larger Orange Court (60’) and the full-sized net, using both red balls and orange balls that move faster and bounce higher, making tracking and movement more challenging. Tactical sophistication increases, as players learn to link shots into patterns and to develop an understanding of choices from different positions on the court, including how to move an opponent. Technique continues to evolve, with increased swing lengths and added spin needed to meet the demands of the court and to match growing physical capabilities.


Green players transition from the Orange Court, and/or have the necessary strength, stature and skill to handle the full-sized 78’ court, playing mostly with the USTA and ITF regulation green ball, and are challenged to adapt to the larger court space and to the faster and higher bouncing ball.

Green players focus on tactical training, which is a signature of our programs. Players start or continue to train in a variety of live ball situations to help them learn to make good decisions both when attacking and defending. Technical refinements are ongoing, as players develop more strength and coordination and acquire more skills 
At this level, Eagle Watch expert coaches are focused on preparing players for their involvement in USTA and UTR tournaments and for their participation in Eagle Watch Grand Slam events.


Eagle Watch offers the "Yellow Ball" program, designed for students who are dedicated to maximizing their potential as players. This stage of development emphasizes the importance of technical, tactical, emotional, and physical skills in order to nurture skilled and confident players. Our knowledgeable coaches are adept at adapting lessons and program emphases to cater to the individual needs of each player. Participants in the JD Program are assigned to appropriate group sessions based on their playing level, age, and stage of development. These sessions primarily involve live ball play, but we also incorporate advanced drills when necessary and suitable. Through Eagle Watch tactical games, students are challenged to develop their own winning tactics and strategies, encouraging them to formulate, plan, and execute effective game plans. Our coaches prioritize teaching students how to construct points, while providing technical guidance to help them execute their tactical decisions. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate players who possess the skills and mindset to compete and succeed.

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