2018 Membership Directory

Below is a list of all currently registered Eagle Watch Tennis members. This list will be updated on a weekly basis. If you are a member and do not wish to share your name, please email us at [email protected] and we will promptly remove you.

Last Name First Name Membership
Acosta Cindy Resident Adult
Alani Yasmin Resident Family
Allison Mandy Resident Family
Araiza Rachel Non-Resident League Only Adult
Arnett Deborah Resident Adult
Aselton Melissa Resident Adult
Auger Julie Resident Family
Barie Brian Resident Family
Bassam Asad
Non-Resident League Only Junior
Bendzinski Lisa Non-Resident Adult
Berwald Beth Resident Family
Birdsong George Resident Family
boehm amy Non-Resident Adult
Boyee Darlene Resident Adult
Bricka Dorothea Resident Adult
Brown Kerri Non-Resident Adult
Burke Murray Non-Resident Family
Carpentier Lynne Resident Adult
Carroll Jenn Non-Resident Adult
Carson Keri Non-Resident Adult
Chandler John Resident Family
Chima Colleen Resident Family
condeixa anna Resident Family
Cooke Tonya Non-Resident Adult
Cox Trisha Non-Resident Adult
Cox Kristin Resident Adult
Crigler Britton Resident Family
Curry Joane Resident Adult
Daniel Dena Resident Family
Davis Stephanie Non-Resident Membership
Denis Matt Resident Adult
Denmark Tep Resident Adult
Dippolito Nick Resident Adult
Donley Michelle Non-Resident Adult
Dudle Louise Resident Adult
DuVall Courtney Non-Resident Adult
Dwyer Erin Resident Family
Filiberto Bob Resident Family
Finley Steve Non-Resident Adult
Flores David Resident Family
Forrester Tara Non-Resident League Only Adult
Fortgang Melisa Resident Adult
Franz Melody Non-Resident Adult
Gable Steve Resident Adult
GAINES JASON Resident Family
Gallagher Jenel Non-Resident Family
Garner Gina Non-Resident Family
Gaydon Greg Resident Family
Geary Tim Resident Family
gentry jane Resident Adult
gilner elisa Resident Family
Grigsby Erin Resident Family
Guenther Robert Resident Adult
Gustafson Rob Non-Resident League Only Adult
Hall Andrea Resident Family
Hammons Lucas Non-Resident Adult
Hammons Marcy Resident Adult
Hester Kristen Non-Resident League Only Adult
Hires Dane Resident Adult
Holt Ben Resident Family
Hugenberg Missy Non-Resident Adult
Hunter Jason Non-Resident League Only Adult
Isbell Ron Non-Resident Family
Jamison Corrie Resident Adult
Janos Mary Resident Adult
Jolkovsky Catherine Resident Adult
Jones David Resident Family
Jordan Eric Resident Adult
Kaeser Jane Resident Adult
Keegan-O’neill Alanna Resident Family
Keyes Vanetta Resident Adult
Killebrew John Resident Family
Langton Amanda Resident Family
Larimer Michael Non-Resident Family
Leigh Janell Resident Adult
Lentchner Denise Non-Resident Family
Lippers Wim Resident Family
Lodisio Eileen Resident Adult
Long Edmond Resident Family
Losee Laurie Resident Adult
Lyerly Cynthia Resident Adult
Madel Joyce Resident Adult
Magee Kerri Resident Family
Magline Jeff Resident Family
Mandle Laurie Resident Family
Mansfield Alicia Non-Resident Family
Marcus Tara Resident Adult
McCollum Jennifer Non-Resident Family
McCullough Susan Resident Adult
McDaniel Mary Resident Family
McNeil Harold Non-Resident Adult
Merten Connie Resident Adult
Messerly Jimmy Resident Family
Mewett Nikki Resident Family
Meyer Terry Resident Adult
Meyers Pamela Resident Adult
Miller Susan Resident Family
Montgomery Lynne Resident Adult
moore laurie Resident Family
Moriarity Jim Resident Adult
morrison marysia Non-Resident League Only Adult
Motsek Nicole Resident Family
Mudrey Michael Non-Resident Adult
Murphy Melinda Non-Resident Family
Musser Jordan Non-Resident League Only Adult
Nadler Toni Non-Resident Adult
Neary Noelle Non-Resident Family
Neisess Debi Non-Resident League Only Adult
Newson Stephanie Resident Adult
O’Brien Haley Resident Adult
Oldenburg Heidi Resident Adult
Omalley Shelley Resident Family
Orr Sandy Non-Resident Family
Patrick Brian Resident Adult
Peloquin Kenny Non-Resident Adult
Pereira Julie Resident Adult
Peyroux Melinda Non-Resident Adult
Philhower Jennifer Resident Family
Pickett Jeff Resident Adult
Pineda Mari Non-Resident League Only Adult
Pollack June Resident Adult
Pons Mike Non-Resident Adult
Prentice Laurie Resident Adult
Rabb Steve Non-Resident League Only Adult
Radulovic Pete Non-Resident Adult
ramirez colleen Non-Resident Adult
Reeves Marth Resident Adult
Rich Susie Resident Family
Ridgill Yuko Non-Resident League Only Adult
Rios Pedro Resident Adult
Ripley Donna Non-Resident Adult
Rose Lisa Non-Resident Adult
Rosenburg Roz Resident Adult
RUSSELL TOM Resident Adult
Seeloff Kathy Resident Adult
Shumaker Lance Non-Resident Family
Smail Sarah Non-Resident League Only Adult
Stewart Sweet Non-Resident Family
Stickler Ed Resident Adult
Sullivan Nichole Resident Family
Sullivan Stan Resident Family
Summers John Resident Family
Swatling Amanda Non-Resident Family
Talbott Katherine Resident Family
Taylor Kirsten Non-Resident Family
Thomas Paul Non-Resident Adult
Thomas Celine Non-Resident Adult
Thomas Renee Resident Adult
Thrasher Deborah Resident Adult
Thrift Kelly Non-Resident Adult
Tjomstol Renee Non-Resident Adult
Tomlinson Cathy Resident Adult
Tompkins James Resident Family
Tumlin Alta Resident Adult
Uliss Celeste Resident Family
Viscio Kris Resident Adult
Walker Dionna Resident Family
Wall Christy Resident Family
WARD JACOB Resident Adult
Warinner Theo Resident Junior
Webb Susan Non-Resident Adult
Welch David Non-Resident Adult
Wells Rosanne Resident Adult
Welsh Kim Resident Family
Whitten Jason Non-Resident Adult
Youngdale Mary Kay Resident Adult